Case Studies

1. Improved-quality 3D content online broadcast system for Internet users

case pic_1This system is designed for 3D video filming, capturing and simultaneous transformation of video stream into required format, its computer processing (compression, encoding, etc.), and transmission via local network to processing server, subsequent online broadcast, and adequate displaying.


2. Web portal for filing electronic reports with the State Tax Service of Ukraine, the State Employment Service of Ukraine, and the Pension Fund of Ukraine: E-Filing

The E-Filing system is designed to facilitate e-document flow between users and automated systems of Ukrainian tax service and social security funds by generating electronic reports using reliable digital signature schemes and transmitting signed electronic reports to automated systems of Ukrainian tax services and social security funds for further statistical processing of report data.


3. Centralized fire and industrial accident monitoring system

This system represents a hardware and software complex designed to receive alarm signals from monitored objects, process and transmit these signals in required format to services concerned of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine.


4. 3D Reconstruction of object's mesh

The software displays a three-dimensional model of the object by the set of 3-D points metrically uniformly taken from its surface. Functions of the developed library regarding the incoming and outgoing data organization must imply the data structures of the mvg library, provided by the customer in cases where it's appropriate.


5. Key phrases selection and content arrangement in the text files

Development is carried out in the framework of creating the system of automatic recognition and synthesis of textual information in conformity with various hierarchies of thematic categories. The main objective of development is to create a core library enabling to highlight the key phrases by the statistics of the certain words and phrases use viewed on its further expanding through the use of semantic characteristics processing methods as regards certain words, phrases and sentences in the text documents prepared in different languages.