Our Approach to Agile Projects Delivery

Agile methods as the best way of improving productivity of software developers

Customers have a number of requirements to any software product, concerning, in particular, product's quality, performance, adaptability, and development speed.

Using innovative and flexible software development technologies (Agile methods), we at Polyteco are in position to promptly fulfill orders of any degree of complexity while ensuring the product's technical and functional efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Agile-based project management involves formation of enterprising, efficient cross team (software developers, analysts, programmers, etc.). It also means active involvement of the customer's representative in the process of creating a new software solution.

Application of Agile technologies allows to optimize software development costs, greatly reduce the paperwork, and make development process more creative. At the same time, the customer will be guaranteed the quality of the future product.

Our Approach to Agile Projects Delivery includes frequent feedback between the customer and us, which means that software products are subjected to comprehensive control in all phases of their development. Flexible software development method also allows to minimize all risks while the new product is still in development phase.

We at Polyteco have created optimal conditions for efficient performance of our staff, providing them with all the necessary tools, including the most advanced means of uninterruptible communication.