Software Development

Software products: implementation today – development tomorrow

At Polyteco, you may always order universal or individualized software for development of your business. Our experts boast not only extensive theoretical training but also substantial successful practical experience in working on domestic and foreign IT services markets.

A wide choice of technologies, application of standardized tools and automation systems, and knowledge of specifics of various industries help us create easy-to-manage, quality products designed for the most diverse tasks.

Our horizontal and vertical solutions are easy to integrate in overall landscape of your company's IT infrastructure and allow to simplify management of business processes of any degree of complexity.

We offer affordable prices and reasonable order fulfillment timeframes thanks to application of efficient development methodologies. These methodologies allow for optimization of document flow, on the one hand, and to test the product's performance in all phases of its development and, if necessary, make improvements in applications, on the other.

As part of the Software Development service our team will do scientific research, if necessary; analyze your requirements to the software you need; prepare detailed technical specifications; design and create the system and subject it to a full and comprehensive testing.

Besides implementing new products and training your staff in working with them, we also take care of project support to allow you to transform the product and change/expand its functionality.

What gives custom-made software advantage over box solutions is that the former will ideally fit all your business requirements.