Product Development

New solutions from Polyteco

The Polyteco team is comprised of highly-skilled experts ready to materialize any idea of yours. As part of the Product Development service we may create all necessary conditions for preparation of adequate technical solution, to do research and design, and for creation per se and subsequent comprehensive testing of unique software product of any degree of complexity.

As a result of our partnership which extends beyond just the outsourcing you will get a working prototype of an innovative product whose parameters (technical and functional design) will completely answer all your goals, plus detailed technical documentation. We do comprehensive analysis of a new product's vitality in all phases and upon completion of the product's creation.

Polyteco's key advantage is the special skills and practical experience which our experts have in various spheres, including software development, network technologies, creation and maintenance of data centers, mechanical engineering, electronic industry, telecommunications, and project management. Also, our production base has all necessary conditions and tools to create new products in the shortest possible time.

The Product Development service means creation of flexible functional systems, software products, and machines capable of fulfilling the most diverse tasks and servicing various business processes.