Application Maintenance & Support

IT infrastructure support and improvement

Every year, the number of software products, including applications necessary to support activities of a modern company, continues to grow. Being technically complex systems, software products require comprehensive professional maintenance. Many businesses often find it inexpedient to maintain own staff of highly-skilled IT experts, preferring instead to outsource application support to specialized companies, such as Polyteco.

The Application Maintenance & Support service aims at preserving or improving productivity of software products your company uses while at the same time ensuring performance quality and stability of applications (both standard and narrowly-specialized).

We at Polyteco are ready to take care of maintenance and support of applications of any degree of complexity, regardless of whether these applications were developed by our experts or another company.

The Application Maintenance & Support service may include preventive maintenance and repair, application audit and testing to evaluate its productivity, functionality, and convenience in use, and upgrading and enhancement of software products.

Our experts see their task in not just maintaining application's technical operability but also in helping reduce application maintenance costs. When doing our job, we use the entire available range of tools to provide quality servicing, trouble-free integration of new solutions and resources, and meet all requirements of our customers.