Application Testing

Application testing tools

Implementation of new information technologies and software products in a corporate environment usually involves a number of problems, in particular, certain difficulties and errors stemming from changes which had to be made.

Special integrated and specialized testing tools allow to minimize all risks associated with development and implementation of new software. The significance of testing is hard to overestimate, because today, information systems have attained huge importance at any company.

Independent Application Testing solutions from Polyteco allow to test and check reliability, performance quality, security, convenience in use, functional and load-bearing capacity of new or improved products in actual operational conditions. Thanks to preliminary professional examination, we can detect flaws in time, track down and get detailed description of errors, and fully adjust a finished product (fix the problems) before placing it in working conditions.

The Polyteco team is ready to make prompt automated or manual testing of individual software products or whole information systems (including those developed by other companies). We will provide an independent assessment of quality of systems we tested and offer an optimal improvement solution. If necessary, we'll develop user's testing systems for you.

Application Testing from Polyteco provides a real opportunity to find in time all 'thin spots', errors, and 'leaks', which will help implement updated databases or new software products in your corporate environment in the shortest possible time.