ASM & Infrastructure Services

Perfect infrastructure

Efficient management of corporate computer resources is an indispensable factor for a successful business enterprise. Computer resources include computer hardware (servers, networks) and software products (operating systems, applications, databases) which, in turn, require constant professional servicing, including technical support, regular updating, and upgrading of all systems.

As part of the ASM & Infrastructure Services the Polyteco team will install functional, productive, easy-to-administer, and user-friendly IT infrastructure at your company.

This comprehensive service includes preliminary audit and objective assessment of the state of all infrastructural components – applications, networks, servers, data warehouses. Based on our analysis, we plan the improvement of the whole system and develop a unique software product for easy management of all available resources and coordination of performance of the entire system.

Automated solutions from Polyteco mean high-speed high-performance products easy-to-integrate in the working environment, which facilitate centralized consolidated management and have broad functionality.