Media & Publishing (Business Information & Media)

We create, support, and protect mass media information resources

The Polyteco team has extensive experience in working with various organizations specializing in multimedia technologies. Many TV stations, information portals, website developers and developers of radio resources management systems have long appreciated the benefits of doing business with specialized outsourcing companies.

As part of the Media & Publishing service our experts will be happy to assist you with development of software products of any degree of complexity, designed to perform a variety of functions, in particular: statistical and analytical accounting, development of websites with video content, integration of databases with new sources of information, anti-spam protection. In addition, we are trusted with creation of new modules for internal users and new tools for outside users of information resources.

The Business Information & Media service includes development of brand new projects, as well as upgrade (in particular, optimization of old codes), correction of errors, and comprehensive support of existing media resources. It will help you gain customer trust, minimize operating expenses, and derive maximum benefits from your projects.