Социальная активность

Polyteco is a rapidly-growing company with the mission extending far beyond the framework of commercial projects. In today's conditions of expanding globalization, we at Polyteco understand the importance of our social role in the society. With every order we help materialize new ideas and innovations, thus helping promote science, and the science is the cornerstone of progress.

At Polyteco, we treat our staff as partners and create comfortable and beneficial working conditions for them. By retaining our employees in Ukraine, Polyteco prevents the brain drain from the country, which for the past two decades has been a serious problem obstructing the growth of Ukrainian intellectual potential.

In addition to working with people, Polyteco also works with ideas. In this respect, we have created, jointly with and on the basis of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Polyteco Youth IT Business Incubator. The goal of this business incubator is implementation of innovative ideas of students and young scientists in IT sphere. For that purpose, Polyteco engages investors and highly-skilled experts from startup business development sphere.